Chapter 24: Into the castle

It can't be done,” Abe said defiantly. “Central says Mykur is currently in the Strawberry Milky Way Galaxy. We don't have enough fuel. Plus, we'd need to buy false documentation – they'll be on the lookout for The Love Crusader. We're talking 500,000 credits at least.”

We can buy that stuff on the way,” Jupiter countered.

Um, not necessarily,” Justice replied. “Our income from the Intergalactic Council has been frozen now there's a death order is on our heads. How much money do you and Abe have?”

You think we would have signed on for this mission if we had any money?” said Abe dryly.

Central: bring up bank account records for Liberty and Justice Forall,” Liberty said.

A hologram screen appeared before her with bank account details. Jupiter whistled.

One million credits: I thought you said the Council had frozen the income they paid you,” Jupiter said.

They have,” Liberty replied, her face slightly blushing. “It seems these credits are royalties from the sales of the dance track Are you sure the Martians' hideout is here?

You made a dance track?” asked Justice confused.

It's a long story.”

Ok, so say we could make it to the castle ship, how can we get in? We don't even have the security code,” Abe said.

Oh I know that,” said Billy happily.

The crew watched Billy intently as he finished taking a big sip of his milkshake.

That's yum,” he said, placing the drink back down on the table. “But yeah, the castle's security code is password.”

Password? But that's insane! That's way too easy to guess,” said Google in disbelief.

That's the point, silly head. Dad wants people to break in – then he can torture them. The whole castle is just a series of traps. It's much harder to get into throne room #1, that's where he keeps all his most valuable trophies. We'll need Tonky's help for that.”

You mean Tonkins? Raymond Tonkins? Mykur's second-in-command, Raymond Tonkins?” Liberty asked.

Yeah, I call him Tonky,” Billy replied. “He's the one who got me out to the Mallacandra when my dad wanted me killed. We can trust him.”

You sure of that? He loaded you up with so much Tyrozone it's amazing you survived,” Liberty said.

It needed to look convincing,” Billy replied as he sucked the milkshake dry.

Jupiter moved away from the main group, making his way to the cockpit lounge recliner. He was resting there, deep in thought, when Liberty approached.

Something about Billy is bothering you, isn't it?” she asked.


Care to talk about it?”

Not just yet,” he replied. “No offence.”

That's ok, but you can trust me, you know.”

I know,” he said, looking her in the eye. “It just might be safer this way.”

So what's the plan?”

You're asking me?”

Of course, but if your plan's stupid, I'll knock you out and take control,” she replied. Jupiter stood up from the recliner.

The plan is: let's bring down an evil empire.”

That's nice and dramatic – like if this were a book, that's where I'd probably put the end of the chapter, but I was kind of hoping you'd have something a little more specific.”

They've had the galaxy's greatest strategists prepare their systems for every conceivable attack. There's no sane approach they won't see coming.”

Why do you think I'm letting you come up with the plan?” Liberty said with a smile.


The Love Crusader's engines died down to a dull roar as it approached Prince Mykur's behemoth castle ship.

You need to head underneath the moat,” Billy said pointing at the monitor. “That's where the docking bays are. And hail the Control Room before they open fire.”

Hello Space Castle One, this is Pizza Pizza, we've got your order of five Carnivore Carnage Pizzas,” Jupiter said into the microphone.

Ah, we don't have any record of a pizza order,” came the reply over the speaker.

Oh, well we got told the security code is password. So we'll just drop them off and be on our way.”

No. There must have been some mix up. Or maybe pranksters called the order in.”

You didn't order the Carnivore Carnage?”

No, we didn't order any pizzas! Please turn around immediately or we'll be forced to open fire.”

Liberty gave Jupiter a concerned look. Jupiter winked back at her.

Oh that's too bad Space Castle One, because we didn't deliver them within the first 45 minutes, you could've had the pizzas for free.”

A long pause.

Land in Docking Bay 327 and await further inspections.”

Abe carefully guided the ship under the moat to the sea of docking bays.

There's number 327,” said Jupiter pointing towards one of the smaller airlock doors that was slowly sliding open.

Makes sense,” said Liberty. “According to Billy's layout, this should place us near the Control Room – obviously they like their pizza.”

The Love Crusader touched down lightly inside the space castle.

Well, here goes nothing,” said Jupiter as he put on his Pizza Pizza cap. Liberty and Justice did likewise.

Abe, if you don't hear from us in 60 minutes, get Billy and Google out to safety.”

Don't worry Jupe – If I don't hear from you in 59 minutes, I'm out of here.”

The door leading to The Love Crusader's ramp slid open. Jupiter paused, looking out at the docking bay before turning to face Liberty and Justice.

Let's bring down an evil empire.”

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  1. Short chapter, but they do say 'If you can't make it good, make it short.' :p

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank u ;-) you should look at this emo boy style at this blog:

  3. Hmm, obviously the spammers can't resist targeting my massive readership of two people! :p So now I've added word verification (Not that I don't like learning about emo boys...)

  4. Dale says:

    I wonder why dear Anonymous is thanking you, and then winking... The mind boggles! Heh, haven't played Boggle for a while.

    Like what you did with the false ending/real ending thing. Clever. And pizza should be involved in all adventures/plans/missions I believe. :)

  5. Dale says:

    Even if it is only fake!

  6. Jimzip says:

    Aw! My comment clearly didn't save.

    Well, what I said in the last comment ie. 'The Failed One' was that:

    a) emo boy style is clearly the best style, listen to anonymous Luke.

    b) I loved this chapter, the dance track was hilarious, appropriate, and so very true.

    c) The ending, and the real ending, were both great! X) Dramatic, yes. Pizza, yes. Next chapter, absolut!

    Ahead and skyward!

    Jimzip :D