Chapter 23: Reunions

Are you completely insanely mad?” Jupiter asked as he turned the heating up on the Blackbird.

Admit it, you're a little turned on, aren't you?” Liberty replied with a smirk as she punched some numbers into the navigation system.

Explain it to me one more time.”

Liberty gently lowered Billy onto one of the Dead-Ezy teleportation chairs.

It's simple – we attempt consecutive jumps. It's like the difference between throwing a stone into a lake versus skimming the stone across the water.”

But skimming a stone doesn't kill me several times.”

There's no other option. The army will be patrolling every teleportation station within a jump from here. If we can pull off five consecutive jumps we could be at Atlantis in the blink of an eye.”

Or dead.”

Yes: or dead. Every plan has its pros and cons. Look, we're young enough – in theory our bodies might be able to handle five consecutive jumps.”

In theory because no one's ever been insane enough to risk it before!”

Well I'd rather die in my death than be killed by Mykur,” Liberty said. Followed closely by, “Huh?”

What is it?” Jupiter asked.

Liberty looked up from the monitor attached to the Dead-Ezy chair.

The computer's found high traces of tyrozon in Billy's blood.”


An extremely powerful and dangerous tranquilliser.”

Why on Mars would Harvard and Belle drug him?”

Well if we get out of this, let's be sure to ask them.”


This isn't going to work,” Justice complained.

Trust me,” replied Abe. “We go way back. I survived two rooms of death thanks to this insane computer. Look it's replying.”

The words I'm not supposed to alter the flight path. It would be very naughty of me. scrolled across the screen.

Abe quickly read the message and typed back.

That's too bad because we found the galaxy's biggest dolphin!

Oh! Can I kill it and swim in its skin? asked The Harland's security computer. Followed by: Please.

Yes! It said that's what it wanted you to do! Abe wrote back.

Aw, that news is like a sweater for my heart. :-) the computer replied.

A sweater for its heart?” asked Google.

Warms its heart,” explained Abe. “Keep up.”

I'm sending you the co-ordinates of the dolphin now. Abe wrote as he uploaded the position of the Planet Destroyer.

Oh pretty! That big dolphin looks exactly like a W2-class Planet Destroyer. I never knew they were so beautiful. How do I murder it?

It just might have a chance if it crashes into the destroyer's engines. It's best shot is coming in from above. The destroyer hopefully won't be watching the skies if it's focused on us,” said Justice, starting to get excited.

If you whack it on the head at full speed, that should do.

Oh this will be fun – can we slaughter turtles next? They should be crunchy.

You sure do have strange friends,” Justice muttered.

Um, forgive me if you've already thought of this, but say that crazy ship does manage to bring down the Planet Destroyer... won't the Destroyer crash into Atlantis? You know, the place where we currently are.”

Every plan has pros and cons,” said Justice. “That's why we need to go shopping.”

Inside the Atlantis Sports Megastore, Justice quickly directed them to the scuba section.

Get changed into these quickly,” he said as Abe and Google grabbed some suits and headed to the change rooms. “Oh, but first... which do you think suits me more – the blue or the red wetsuit?” he asked.

Freshly changed (Justice in a blue wetsuit) they made their way back towards the computer when a hologram of Prince Mykur appeared before them.

So, have you agreed to my demands?” he asked with a snarl.

Justice glanced across at the computer screen just in time to see the words Dolphin! Dolphin! I see you! Is it ok to kill you now? scroll across the screen.

I'm afraid we find your offer unacceptable,” Justice told the hologram. Mykur silently went red with rage.

Have a nice explosion,” he said before turning to his right. “Hail the Destroyer and instruct them to fire at will.” The hologram flickered off.

Abe rushed to the computer:

Yes, the dolfhin wants you to kill it right now!

Dolfhin!? But I wanted to kill a dolphin not a dolfhin. :'-(

Sorry, I meant to write dolphin. Just a typo.


The trio looked up through the glass ceiling just in time to see The Harland spaceship splash through the water headed straight for the Planet Destroyer.

It's slowing down!” groaned Justice.

It's not built for water – it'll never have enough power,” Google added.

DDDDDDDooooooooollllllllpppppppppphiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnn time!

Have some faith,” said Abe with a smile as The Harland somehow managed to find new energy reserves as it slammed into the Planet Destroyer at top speed. “I'm going to miss that computer,” he added with a sigh.

It worked,” gasped Justice. “I can't believe it, but it actually worked!”

Fire and smoke erupted from the Planet Destroyer as its collapsing metal shell groaned like a dying beast.

Time to make our getaway,” Justice added as the massive ship quickly began to spiral into a nosedive, headed straight for the casino.

Uh, what do we do once we reach the ocean top?” asked Abe as he swung open the airlock door.

One thing at a time,” replied Justice. “One thing at a time.”


Oh god I feel like my brain was pulled out through my nose, rubbed around a toilet bowl rim and then shoved back in,” groaned Jupiter.

Liberty vomited at his feet.

Yuck, my mouth feels like I swallowed a decomposing skunk. How's the kid?”

Still sleeping.”

How can anyone sleep through being killed five times?” Liberty asked as she groggily picked herself up off the ground and looked out a window.

Where are we?” Jupiter asked.

All I can see is water – and it keeps moving. Oh no...” More vomit splashed across the floor.

Jupiter struggled his way into the cockpit.

We made it,” he called back to Liberty. “We're at Atlantis.”

Stop stuttering,” Liberty barked back before passing out into one of the chairs.

When Liberty came to she was back on-board The Love Crusader in her own quarters, resting in bed with a drip in her arm.

Ah, you're awake,” Jupiter said gently.

Oh god, how long have I been out? I'm sorry about... It's so embarrassing.”

Don't be silly,” Jupiter told her. “You don't always need to act so invincible. Sometimes it's ok to be let people see that you're... vincible.”

I'll try to keep that in mind,” she said with a smile before pulling the drip out of her arm. “Now how are you going locating the others?”

Relax, I've already picked them up – they're drying off in the cockpit. It looks like they had quite the swim on Atlantis.”

They're here!? Why didn't you say something!?” Liberty willed herself out of bed before collapsing against Jupiter.

Do you want me to carry you?” he teased.

Do you want me to knock you out?” she replied.

With Jupiter's assistance Liberty entered the cockpit to find a heated discussion taking place.

I'm not saying we give him our piece of the key! I'm just saying we should hide while we can,” said Abe.

With the kill order in place, our funds from the Intergalactic Council have been frozen. We'll starve to death if we hide.”

But we'll be killed to death if we attempt to get the second piece of the key from Mykur!” countered Abe.

Huh? What's going on?” asked Liberty confused.

Mykur beat us to the second piece of the key,” Jupiter told her.

Please tell me you're joking.”

Unfortunately he's not,” said Google. “So instead of avoiding Mykur, we've somehow got to break into his castle."

Which only happens to be the most highly guarded ship in the universe,” Abe added.

Um, I might be able to help with that,” said a meek voice from the corner of the room. Everyone slowly turned to face Billy.

Oh yeah, I've been meaning to ask: Who the hell is he?” said Abe.

I'm Blade - Prince Mykur's fifth son. But you can call me Billy,” he said with a smile.

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  1. Dale says:


    (Sorry I really wanted to do that again hehe.)

    And a handy twist at that! Also, I think Justice made the right decision with the blue wetsuit. :)

  2. It does seem awfully convenient a twist doesn't it? Shhhhhhhh! :p

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    TWIS- dammit Dale!! Alright, I'll let you have that one, but yes, lovely little braid there. Also, I'm gonna miss that computer, :| I did have fun watching it's twisted love of Dolphin Skin Swimming develop...

    And 'vincible' is actually a word! By God! You found a word that nobody in existence actually uses! I wonder at what point people started using 'invincible' exclusively though. So much so that 'vincible' is basically extinct... Hmm. Because really, why is it easier to say 'you're not invincible' in a sentence, as we always do, instead of saying 'you're vincible'. I guess dramatic effect or something...

    I shall ponder this. But in the meantime:

    More altitude and added distance!

    Jimzip :D

  5. Jimzip says:

    Oh and WTF is with that anonymous comment? lol. I love them, remember when I had one about Cat Furniture waaaaay back in the day? So much enjoyment.

    I'm glad you help people with their college assignments Luke. So altruistic...

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