Chapter 32: The Final Chapter (Part 2)

The first thing Jupiter Black saw when he was brought back to life was her.

He smiled. Liberty smiled back at him.

“You didn't think you could escape me just by dying did you?”

Jupiter struggled to talk but couldn't find his voice.

“Just relax, death takes a little time to recover from,” Abe told him, leaning over the bed so Jupiter could see him.

“I can't believe your strategy was to die. I mean, I'd expect that from Justice, but...,” Google said.

“Hey! Even I'm not that dumb,” Justice chimed in.

“How... iSmart... did I kill him?” Jupiter finally managed to ask.

“If he was onboard The Blackbird when it went kaboom, then yeah, safe to say he's... it's dead,” Abe told him.

“15 nano-nuclear bombs tends to destroy most computers – even psychopathic ones,” Liberty added.

“But... how'd I survive?”

“You must have died while on one of the DeadEzy chairs – they were still set to home function. It registered the lack of vital signs, assumed you were jumping and teleported you straight onto The Love Crusader. Thankfully Mykur had some of the best doctors in the galaxy on his Castle ship. They worked for days to save you.”

“But how do you all know about iSmart? How'd you know I wasn't stealing The Trinity Key?”

“Because we know you, stupid,” said Liberty.

“And because The Trinity Key was still stored safely in my room,” Abe said, before adding, “Otherwise I would've been rounding up a posse to hunt you down.”

“That note you wrote wouldn't fool anyone,” Liberty said.

“Fooled iSmart,” Jupiter replied as he propped himself up in bed and glanced out the window. He watched the stars fly by.

“We're not onboard the castle ship anymore?” he asked.

“No, we left there about a week ago,” Google told him.

“How long have I been out of it?” he asked confused.

“A little over a month,” Liberty said, very matter of fact.

“But The Trinity Key is safe? You still have it?”

“No,” said Abe.

“But we do have this,” Justice told him. He held up a small wooden container around the size of a music box.

“What's in it?” asked Jupiter, suddenly feeling better and burning with curiosity.

“We don't know,” said Google.

“And we're not going to find out,” added Liberty.

“I've tried talking sense to them, they won't listen,” moaned Abe.

“No one can be trusted with whatever's inside the case - so we're going to shoot it onto the most isolated, inhospitable planet in the galaxy. A planet no one would ever dare visit.”


“Yes, Boronia.”


A lonely figure trudged through the barren, harsh landscape. Everyday the exact same thing. But not today. Something new had happened today. The figure watched silently as what appeared to be a wooden case broke through the atmosphere, somehow held its form and crash landed onto the forsaken planet of Boronia. The case was brown. This alone was reason for excitement. Everything here was grey, cold and hard. It was nothing like the paradise from where he'd come from.

Shifting away some grey stones, the figure pulled the wooden case from the ground. Maybe this would be his escape, his ticket off this hellhole. Maybe he could finally get his revenge on the people that had doomed him to weeks of floating through space until he hit this doomed world. He would never forget them. No. They would be made to regret leaving Super Sunny Happy Bright Fun Land. They'd picked the wrong SalesBot to mess with, Miller thought as he opened the case.


Jupiter watched from the bar as a ground crew outside finished fuelling up The Love Crusader.

“She's ready to go,” Abe noted.

“Where are you guys headed now?” Liberty asked as they got up to walk towards the ship.

“I don't know. We need to take a new job fast – we're low on credits. The Galactic Society for the Protection of Extinct Species is suing us for wiping out the dinosaurs. Last time I ever save the galaxy.”

“Well, we're not doing so great either. We're currently unemployed. No need to protect the promised one anymore,” said Justice.

“And no need to give the promised one an allowance,” sighed Google.

“Well, we can drop you back on Planet Doon if you want, so you can collect your ship and be on your way,” Jupiter offered.

Liberty hesitated before replying, “Yeah, that'd be good. Thanks.” She picked up speed, leading Justice and Google onboard the ship while Abe held Jupiter back a minute. He looked across at Jupiter before kicking him in the shin.


Abe tilted his head in the direction of the ship.

“I know, I know. Point taken. Are you sure?” he said.

“I wouldn't have kicked you if I wasn't sure, captain.”

Jupiter shut the main airlock and made his way to the cockpit where everybody had gathered, preparing for take off.

“You know... I was thinking... We need money... Abe... what about we go looking for The Orb of Orion?”

“I don't know. I think that might be dangerous,” Abe replied.

“You're right... maybe if we had some security; some bodyguard types...” Jupiter added.

“Sure would make me feel more comfortable...”

“Uh, you guys don't know any teams that'd be looking for work do you?” Jupiter asked.

Liberty smiled and took Jupiter's hand in her own.

“It won't be easy you realise. Many have died searching for that Orb,” she said.

“You'd need to hire the best,” added Justice.

“At least three people I'd imagine,” said Google.

“The orb's as good as ours,” Jupiter said with a smile.

“Don't jinx it!” Abe muttered.

Jupiter patted Abe on the back as the bonobo ape took the controls at the head of the ship.

“Relax. What could possibly go wrong?”

Abe sighed.

“So what now, Jupe?” he asked, finger on the ignition.

“Take us out, Abe. Take us into the black.”

2 Response to Chapter 32: The Final Chapter (Part 2)

  1. Yay! The end. And yes, I pulled the same trick with Alex in Ashton X as I did with Jupiter... but it wasn't planned that way! Originally Jupiter was meant to die, but then unrelated to that I had the idea of the DeadEzy chairs for teleporting and realised that the story was telling me it wanted him to live. So a happier ending it became!

    Anyway, thanks so much Dale (and James hopefully later on!) for reading all the way to the end. Wouldn't have kept writing if you weren't reading but I think I've learnt some stuff along the way so am glad I did. It's certainly the longest I've ever stuck with one story. Anyway, your comments always made it feel worthwhile. Think I'll take a break from blog stories for a while now (apart from writer's lodge!). (Although I do wonder how the harry potter rip off story would've turned out if that had won the voting instead.)

  2. Dale says:

    Nooooo! The end! "WHAT WAS IN THE BOX??? WHERE DID THE TRINITY KEY GO???", would be questions I'd be asking if I weren't content with the satisfying ending you wrote for the characters. :) The depressing, barren landscape of Boronia was lol-worthy. And who saw Miller coming back? Not me certainly, though it was a nice surprise; he was a very cool robo-character.

    The final sentence made me shiver. Or maybe I just happened to shiver from coldness coincidentally. :P No it was a near perfect way to end this impressive hulk of an inter-galactic, feel-good, imaginatively witty and dynamic story.

    Thank you Luke. :)