Chapter 15: Breaking up is hard to do

First things first, we need a bird that can get her feathers wet,” said Google, addressing the rest of crew, who were all gathered around the cockpit dining table.

What are you talking about?” asked Jupiter.

Atlantis – the entire planet is one big water world; we'll need a ship that can travel underwater.”

Come on, surely we're not... It's suicide. Yes, we have one piece of the key, but there's still two pieces to go – and we'll have every ship in the galaxy hunting us down if Mykur passes his kill order,” said Abe.

That's the second thing,” said Justice, taking charge. “We need to delay that order if we're to have any chance. Jupiter, I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty, no pun, of researching you and Abe before Google hired you. You have connections to the Malacandra.”

That was a lifetime ago,” Jupiter replied.

Do you have any connections left that you could trust? They're just about the only group in the galaxy that still openly defies Mykur. If we could get them to message the Council planets maybe we could delay the kill order. It's possible they could sway enough planets our way.”

Jupiter took a sip from his drink.

“The way I left things with the Malacandra, they'd be just as likely to kill me themselves.”

Well, suck it up, princess. Justice is right, we won't make it to Atlantis with a kill order on our heads,” Liberty said, in-between bites of Hangover-b-gone bacon.

One problem,” said Abe. “Well, no, actually, a million problems – but one more problem – the Malacandra are on Mars while, last time I checked, Atlantis is on the other side of the galaxy.”

Ape is right,” said Google, before ducking a cup thrown at him by Abe. “Sorry, Abe is right. That's why we need to split up. One group makes the trek to Atlantis on The Love Crusader, while the other group heads to Mars on Blackbird to meet with the Malacandra.”

So who's going to Mars?” asked Liberty.

I'll go – I was born there, no one knows the planet better. Abe, you take the others to Atlantis,” said Jupiter.

Abe and Justice both jumped to their feet, talking over the top of each other.

Whoa, one at a time. Justice?” said Jupiter.

Getting to the Malacandra is too important – you'll need help. You can't go alone.”

Are you asking me out?”

No. Liberty will be going with you.”

Liberty glared across at Justice. “My job is to protect Google. Where he goes, I go.”

Lib – the best thing you can do to protect Google is to make sure the kill order doesn't get through the Council,” Justice said.

It's true. Besides, I'm not the chosen one – I'm not your mission anymore.”

Like hell you're not,” said Liberty.

Don't worry, it'll be ok Lib. You'll find I've learnt a lot from you over the years,” Google said with a slight smirk.

Liberty looked down at her now empty plate with a grimace.

I thought the bacon tasted funny,” she managed to slur before her head hit the table, passed out.

Great, so it's all settled then,” said Justice. “Let's get you and Liberty packed and onto Blackbird – remember to dress warm for Mars.”

Google and Justice gently lifted Liberty out of her chair and made their way out of the cockpit. Now alone, Abe made his way over to Jupiter.

You sure about this, boss?”

Yes, you're the only one I'd trust with The Crusader.”

But perhaps I should be the one going to Mars with Liberty.”

Nah, it'll be fine. It'll be good – hey, I used to love Mars. Besides, I remember how you feel about the place.”

Can't say I'm too fond of flying underwater, either.”

You'll be fine. Just you make sure The Crusader stays in one piece. Don't let the kid fly her.”

Jupiter got up to head towards his quarters. Abe looked across, weighing up whether to say something or not. Then:

Belle - she's not going to be happy to see you. You know that, right?”

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  1. Luke says:

    Next time, I'll remember to include jokes. Promise. :)

  2. Dale says:

    I like the last three lines...

    Haha no, the rest is pretty good too. :P

    Please respond to reader comments! Will Abe be getting spin-off story blog or not? :)

  3. Luke says:

    Lol. Not sure Abe will get his own spin off story, but now that they're splitting up, it's safe to say he may get his own chapter. :)

  4. Jimzip says:

    Yeah his own spin off story at this point might be fairly short, seeing as he has to be back before the next chapter ... in which he stars. Right? Right?

    Ok. I got nothin.

    Still enjoying the ride, although (!!) I must say I did feel this chapter was written in a rush. The missing jokes may have been an indicator. ;) I think I can chalk it up to someone being excited about the next part!

    Jimzip :D

  5. Jimzip says:

    ... and the fact that you gave this chapter the same number as the last one... ;)

    Jimzip :D

  6. Luke says:

    Haha, yeah, that chapter was written in a rush - mainly because I was also rushing to finish a new screenplay I'd started (which I finished on the weekend - yay!). So the chapter was written in a hurry because I didn't have much spare time/didn't want to go a month without an update. Ahem, I'll have to change the chapter numbers too. Well spotted!