The so-called plan

So why is this blog suddenly being used after 6 months of nothing? Good question. I'm glad I asked it. The reason: I was so busy rewriting a few projects that I forgot how much I occasionally enjoyed blogging (and its total lack of rewriting). So I've decided to try writing a new story.

It won't be anywhere near as long as Ashton X, but will be longer than the two short stories I wrote here. Let's call it a medium-length story. It also won't be as regularly updated as Ashton was (the rewriting stuff is still sucking up time aplenty). But I promise I will finish the story. Well, that's unless I have myself an untimely death or the large hadron collider finally causes the world to be overrun with French-speaking Nazi Zombie Dragons (the possibility can't be ruled out).

Now here's where you come into the plan. I can't decide what to write out of two stories. So choose.

Idea one is set in space, in the future. (Think my very poor attempt at ripping off Hitch-hiker's guide to the galaxy or Futurama)

Idea two is set in an alternate world. (Think my very poor attempt at ripping off Golden Compass or Harry Potter.)

Both ideas are *extremely* rough at the moment – so there'll be a gap in time before chapters start to appear, but I'll keep posting other random stuff in the meantime.

So, let me know what interests you more based on that meagre amount of info. (I really hope at least one person votes – otherwise this entry is just embarassing. Yes, even more so than usual.)

7 Response to The so-called plan

  1. Dale says:

    If the space one is the one that you came up with a little while ago then I'll vote for that one. If it's not, then I'll vote for the other one.

    There, now you have 1 vote and a 1 backup vote. :)

  2. Luke says:

    Yep, the space one is the idea from before, so it's a little more developed than the other idea - which is the one I had when writing the recent short story.

    Although oddly I don't have a title for the space one yet, whereas for the other one, pretty much all I have is the title and main character.

    Thanks for voting! :)

  3. paul says:

    I vote for both *he says while eating cake*

  4. Luke says:

    Haha thanks Paul. I think I'll close the voting on Friday. (That'll allow the weekend for votes to be tallied.) Early exit polls are suggesting a landslide win to Space idea, but you can never rule out a late swing. ;)

  5. Dale says:

    Hey don't forget that you still get a vote Luke - possibly even two depending on how democratic you're feeling. If you're more interested in one, even slightly, you should go with it. You don't want to write one story with thoughts of the other distracting you. Anything you write will be read by me, so don't worry. :)

  6. Jimzip says:

    Future! FUTURE!!!

    Um... That's my vote. :)

    Jimzip :D

  7. Luke says:

    Haha, so future story takes a 3-1 lead.

    Dale, I'll vote for whichever one loses. (That way I can keep using the excuse 'Oh, but the other story would've been *much* better'.) :)